The agent calls with great news! Your offer has just been accepted. Congratulations... you are about to become a homeowner!

Your initial euphoria may be short-lived, however, as you begin to have second thoughts about the purchase. First, it's the mortgage. It seems like so much money, and it will take thirty years to pay for it. You look over the cash you will need for the closing and feel like you will never be able to afford to dine out again! Finally, you stare at the inspector's report and convince yourself that the roof will blow off and every major system will fail the day after you move in. You're in a frenzy. You ask yourself, "What have I gotten myself into?"

The best thing to do if you begin having "second" thoughts is just relax! These feelings are so common that they have even been given a name: "Buyer's Remorse". It is almost always a temporary malady, but call your agent if you are having an extreme attack. We have experience helping our clients through the home-buying jitters.